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Template documentation
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The checkuser log template is used on Brighter Shores:Check user/Log to format the entries.


{{Checkuser log
  • type - the type of checkuser carried out, either: ip (for getting IPs from a username) or edit (for getting edits from a username)
  • date - the date and time that the checkuser was carried out. This will be converted to a consistent format in UTC.
  • checker - the user carrying out the check. Do not include the User: prefix.
  • user - the user being checked. Do not list checks performed on IP addresses.
  • reason - the reason given for the check, preferably the same reason as given on the checkuser form.
  • follow - if you followed up getting IPs from a username with a check for users from those IPs, then define this variable. This allows actions performed on IPs to be recorded without listing the IPs in question for privacy.