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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Archive list.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.


This template puts a list of page archives at the top of a page in a small table. It automatically adds links to the list as they are created. It also provides a link at the bottom for creating the next archive. It is important to use this link, because if the archive name is not in a standard format, [page]/Archive [number], the archive will not be detected and added to the list. Archives should also be sequential to allow for proper organisation. Many formatting options are available but archives that are not in the userspace should only use a few of these, to encourage uniformity. Currently 500 archives are supported (the limits of a single Dynamic Pages List), and archives after 500 will not be searched for or listed.


{{Archive list


The title will be displayed in bold centered text above the archive list. In the userspace, styles may be applied to the title by putting span tags around it. Defaults to "Archives". It may be deleted if this is the title you want.


Specifies where the archive box floats. Text will wrap around the box. Values can be left, right, or center. It defaults to right and can be deleted if a right-align is what is desired.


Adds a link which will edit the current archive, creating a new section with no header so the additions go to the bottom of the page. It is useful for things such as requests for deletions since sections are archived as they are completed. Sets alink equal to yes to turn it on. It is turned off by default, and if you want it off, the field can be deleted.


Adds a link which will create the next archive in the sequence. It supports preloading and by default it preloads Template:Archive list/Preload. Set nlink to no to turn it off. It is turned on by default and can be deleted if you want it on.


Sets which page to preload when a new archive is created with nlink. The default is Template:Archive list/Preload.


Adds a link to the current page for discussion; not shown by default; named 'Current' by default


Changes the title of the basepage link if it is shown; defaults to 'Current'


Adds a hover over that provides dates for the time frame of each archive based on the creation date of the archive and the one before it.

Userspace only

The following fields should only be used in the Userspace, since archives outside the userspace should have a uniform appearance. All values can be deleted if no change from default is wanted.


The width of the archive box. The text will wrap if the box is not wide enough, but it looks better if the box is wide enough to accommodate the preset line breaks. As such it may be necessary to increase the width of the box depending on the settings you apply. The default width is 120px.


The image to be displayed above the title. It can be any image on the wiki, or an image hosted on an external host. No formatting is applied by default, the full image link is required. The default is File:Replacement filing cabinet.svg.


CSS code that is used to determine the border, in the format style width colour. Note that there are no quotes surrounding the input, and that it is not followed by a semicolon. Defaults to solid 1px #CCC.


The background colour. It can be a hexadecimal code (including the #) a colour name, or colour coordinates. It is not followed by a semicolon. Defaults to #FCFCFC.


The alignment of the archive list within the box. Defaults to center.


The styles applied to every link in the archive box, including the archive creation link. Its default value is the default link style of your current skin.