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Module documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Module:Sandbox/doc. [edit] [history] [purge]
Module:Sandbox's function main is invoked by Template:Sandbox.

This is the general purpose sandbox for lua modules. It can be used to test changes to existing modules, prototype new modules, experimenting with lua features, or for any other purpose.

Much like Brighter Shores:Sandbox, this page is free to edit for all - if you want to use code personally or for long periods without others editing it, make a personal module sandbox at Module:Sandbox/User:<insert name here> or subpages of that.

Invocations of this sandbox and personal sandboxes should be kept in userspace. If the module is intended for use in other namespaces, it should be moved out of the sandbox into a normal module and template.

See Special:PrefixIndex/Module:Sandbox/ for a list of all user sandboxes.

local p = {}

function p.main()
	return "Hello world!"

return p