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Module documentation
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This module does not have any documentation. Please consider adding documentation at Module:Infobox Episode/doc. [edit]
Module:Infobox Episode's function main is invoked by Template:Infobox Episode.
Module:Infobox Episode requires Module:Infobox.
Module:Infobox Episode requires Module:Param Parse.

local p = {}

local Infobox = require('Module:Infobox')
local parse = require('Module:Param Parse')

function p.main(frame)
	local args = frame:getParent().args
	local config = {
		infobox_name = 'Episode',
		class = {Infobox.param('name')},
	local params = {,
	local infobox =, params, args)
			{tag='th', content=Infobox.param('name'), class='infobox-header', colspan='20'},
			{tag='td', content=Infobox.param('image'), class='infobox-image', colspan='20'},
			{tag='th', content='Release', colspan="6"},
			{tag='td', content=Infobox.param('release'), colspan="14"},
			{tag='th', content='[[Premium Pass|Premium]]', colspan="6"},
			{tag='td', content=Infobox.param('premium'), colspan="14"},
	return infobox

return p