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Namespaces are the basic grouping system for pages on the wiki. Generally the namespace describes the base purpose of the page, for example articles about things in Brighter Shores (items, monsters, etc.) are in the main (no prefix) namespace.

Primary Brighter Shores Wiki namespaces[edit source]

For a complete list use this api query.

Forum[edit source]

The Forum: namespace is used for Brighter Shores:Forum Grove discussion pages.

Template[edit source]

The Template: namespace is used for templates to be transcluded on other pages.

Module[edit source]

The Module: namespace is used to house code for modules written in Lua (Template:WP). For an examples, see here.

Complete list[edit source]

Namespace IDs
Namespace Article ID Talk ID
Media -2 N/A
Special -1 N/A
(main) 0 1
User 2 3
Brighter Shores 4 5
File 6 7
MediaWiki 8 9
Template 10 11
Help 12 13
Category 14 15
Update 100 101
Forum 110 111
Property 302 303
Concept 308 309
smw/schema 312 313
Rule 314 315
Module 828 829
Gadget 2300 2301
Gadget definition 2302 2303