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CheckUser is a tool which is used by users in the checkuser group to effectively fight vandalism.

Applications[edit source]

Checkuser has three major applications:

  • Finding the range of IPs which are vandalising, so the said range can be blocked.
  • Finding what IP a vandalising account uses, for the purpose of effectively blocking it.
  • Finding which users use a common IP, for looking into abuse of multiple accounts.

Under no circumstances is the CheckUser tool to be used in any other fashion, and especially not by a curious checkuser who wants to know a user's IP.

CheckUser log[edit source]

The CheckUser Log is available to other CheckUsers here. However, as only CheckUsers can see the log, CheckUsers are encouraged to log their actions here for all users to see, but removing the data that can be used to link users and their IPs (as a CheckUser use typically involves getting an account's IP(s), then checking the accounts associated with the IP(s), thus a raw log is easy to deduce what IP corresponds to what user). An example log entry is below:

Which uses the code:

{{Checkuser log|type=ip|date=22:53, 11 April 2024|checker=Example|user=Insert vandal|reason=reason|follow=y}}

Requesting a CheckUser[edit source]

If you need a checkuser and the situation conforms to the above rules, you can either contact one of the checkusers directly (via their talk page, Discord, or any other method), or post a request on Administrator requests.